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This Week's Focus--SCHOOL!

Hello readers! I know this post is a day late (my bad), but I promise I am going to update you on this past week! Last week I told you that I was going to go to Old Town Ibiza---which ended up not happening. We decided that we didn't want to haul around our luggage and spend extra money on food and taxis to get us from San Antonio to Old Town Ibiza to the airport. We ended up checking out of our room around noon, but were able to store our luggage in their storage area. We were still able to eat at the buffet and get free drinks until we were able to leave! We walked around San Antonio a little more and hung out by the pool again. It was so nice to have a relaxing couple of days, especially after the whole airport fiasco on that Friday. We got to the airport with plenty of time, so we DID NOT miss our flight. When we got to London Stansted airport, we got on our bus to another bus station to catch our last bus to Glasgow. This was probably the most uncomfortable bus ride I've ever been on. When we got on the bus, it was so crowded that Rachel and I couldn't even sit next to each other. We both had to sit by random people with no space between us. This bus was like an eight hour bus, so yeah, it was pretty horrible. Luckily I downloaded some Netflix shows to distract me a little bit. When we got back to Glasgow, I spend almost the whole day going in and out of naps---yeah probably not the greatest move for the nights sleep, but sue me, I was tired.


Now that all my big trips are done (until my family gets here), I am buckling down and focusing on my essays due at the beginning of May. I have a couple of weeks, so I'm not freaking out yet, but I do have three separate papers I need to finish. I never thought I would say it, but I miss taking exams. I absolutely hate writing papers, especially when I have to have lots of sources. Anyways, I will be camped out in Starbucks (so feel free to send me digital gift cards--LOL) and plugging away on my computer. On that note, I probably won't have a lot to share on this blog about my travels for the week. I will probably start doing more reflection posts about what I've learned about myself during my time here. If there's anything you all would like me to discuss or questions you want answered, feel free to leave a comment on my Facebook post or on this blog post directly! I would love to have a blog post dedicated to questions you all have for me (whether it's about my travels or more of a reflection question)!


Until next week, enjoy these pictures of my last day in Ibiza!

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