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Scottish Wedding Show...Cue the Bagpipes

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Hello readers! Welcome to another week of my Scotland adventure! Unfortunately, I did not get to do a lot this weekend--I'm trying to save money for bigger trips towards the end of my semester here in Glasgow. I did do something pretty fun today though (hence the title of my blog post this week)!


Yes, I went to a Scottish Wedding Show! And no, I'm not getting married--in case anyone was confused. I thought it would be fun to see some of the different aspects of weddings since I am thinking about pursuing a career in wedding planning. It was set up like an expo, so there were tons of different booths for wedding cakes, photographers, venues, wedding invitations, car rentals, dresses, kilts (yes, traditional Scottish men wear kilts to weddings), and many more. We treated ourselves to the VIP section with free bubbly and may have splurged a little bit on our brunch! It was funny when we were walking around the different booths because obviously the people where trying to talk to us. I had to explain that I wasn't a bride and I used my cousin, Alyssa, as a scapegoat to why I was there (her wedding is next year). When they tried to sell their venue or product to me, I had to ask "Can you ship it to the U.S?" That usually got me out of the conversation...HAHA! I did get some design inspiration from the different booths, especially with invitations and typography. Not only did we get to see some unique Scottish wedding booths (cue the bagpipes), we also got to see a wedding dress fashion show front row with our VIP tickets! The dresses were absolutely breathtaking...I didn't even want to know how much they cost. We even got to see men walk down the runway in their traditional kilts (some were so kind as to do a little spin for us ladies). Yes, they wear underwear under their kilts--in case anyone was wondering ;) There was also a section in the runway show that little kids came out in their wedding best and did the CUTEST DANCE! I filmed some of it and tried to post to Instagram, but it got deleted due to the music in the background being copyrighted. I still have a little snip bit of it on my phone, but I figured I probably shouldn't post it anywhere else for the same copyright reason. Overall, it was a pretty fun day with lots of walking and learning more about weddings in general!


As I said, I didn't do much this week. I am hoping to get at least one of my papers done this week, so I can go back to Edinburgh this weekend to see the Castle and the Dungeons. Until then, enjoy these pictures from today!

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