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Mini Vacay in Ibiza!

Hello readers! Welcome to another weekly update! This weekend has been one of the craziest, most stressful weekends since being abroad. I'll just dive straight into it---


We started our Friday getting to Edinburgh on time to make our flight to London Stansted where we had another flight to Ibiza. Unfortunately for us, our flight from Edinburgh to London Stansted got delayed by about an hour, but they never really told us. They checked us in and literally had us wait in a line outside for our plane. Apparently the flight before us was delayed, so that delayed our plane. It was very annoying and aggrivating. We were flying with the same airline, Ryanair, to Ibiza, but we they were two separate bookings. We couldn't check into our flight from London to Ibiza until we got to London. Since they required us to have printed boarding passes, we had to leave the airport, reenter, and check into our flight at the front desk. We asked in Edinburgh if we could check in and print our boarding passes there, but they told us we had to check in in London. So not only did we have to reenter the airport, but we had to go through security again, then go to the furthest gate possible. Our flight to Edinburgh to London then London to Ibiza were not connected, so we couldn't go straight to our gate when we landed.


Of course when we were trying to get through security fast, everything that could go wrong went wrong. They had to pat me down, for what reason I don't know, then both my bags had to be put in a line to be hand checked by the security officers. This all took like twenty minutes to a half hour. After I finally got my bags back, I sprinted through the airport to get to my gate. This isn't London's main airport, so I was expecting the airport to be smaller than the average. Nope. This airport was huge and I had to run for about ten minutes straight to get to the furthest gate in the whole dang airport. Long story short, we missed our flight to Ibiza. There was no other flights to Ibiza leaving that night, so guess what we did. Yep, we slept in the airport. Well, I didn't sleep at all. Around 9pm, we were actually kicked out of the airport, well the terminal part at least. We had to wait outside of security where the check-in desks were. We had to pay 100 pounds to get on the next flight Saturday morning, so we didn't want to spend anymore money on a hotel or transportation to the hotel in London. Plus there was some taxi protest going on in London, so we definitely didn't want to risk being late for our Saturday morning flight to Ibiza. So we spent the night in a sketchy airport lobby with no outlets. We ended up going through security right when they opened at 3am, then found a spot inside the airport to camp out until our gate was called and flight was ready to board. Safe to say we did not miss our 7:15am flight.


After arriving in Ibiza, we got some cash and hopped in a taxi to head to our all-inclusive hotel, the Palladium Hotel Palmrya located in San Antonio, Ibiza. Arriving, it was a little chillier than expected. It was very windy which made it cold. Unfortunately, that's the weather for most of this weekend, so I'm not sure it'll be the beach and pool getaway I was hoping for. Honestly, I'm just happy that I'm on the beach with an ocean view, not thinking about school work I have to do when I get back. We walked around town a little bit and along the coast. We were planning on doing a beach photoshoot here, but the beach is very small and the views are obstructed by the harbor boats. We do get free drinks and food though, which is really nice. Monday we are planning on going to old town Ibiza to see at least some of the city. Our flight leaves at 7pm Monday, but we have to check out by noon, so we'll have to haul our carry-ons along with us, but it could be worse. Of course Monday is supposed to be the warmest day here, so hopefully we can find a beach in old town Ibiza so I can at least get some sort of color.


Today we just chilled at the hotel and laid out by the pool. It was cold in the morning, but it got a lot warmer in the afternoon, so we were able to get some good sun. I unfortunately got a VERY bad burn, which I guess is all right---hopefully it will turn into a tan. Tomorrow we are planning on going to old town Ibiza to take some pictures and lounge around again until our late flight. I'll keep y'all updated on our travel endeavors tomorrow (hopefully they won't be like our journey to Ibiza). I'll update you guys about tomorrow's adventures in next weeks post! Until then, enjoy these pictures of our hotel and the beach from today!

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