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First Eight Hours in Dubai

Hello Readers!

For those who don't know me, my name is Elena Sieverding and I am writing to you today (and the next eight days) about Dubai located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE for short). I am in Dubai for my Event Management class through Iowa State University learning about the hotel industry and event management industry. Our schedule consists of going to hotel tours, attending the World Expo 2020, and a bunch of other touristy things (advantages of being an event management major is that you can play like the public)!


My Friday consisted of leaving my home at 8am, arriving at the Des Moines Airport at 11am, leaving by 1:15pm to Chicago, then continuing to wait until 8pm for our flight to leave for Dubai. It has been a long thirteen hour flight, but I met a friendly Indian couple who were heading back to home India. I think it's super interesting to learn about the background of others, which is why flying is such an experience for me. You don't know who you're sitting next to, you're forced to be in close approximately of them, and it's not fun to sit in awkward silence. Plus, once you get to know them a little bit, it's WAYYY less awkward to crawl over them to go to the bathroom (HAHA, but actually though). I watched SOO many movies on the plane, it's kind of ridiculous. I saw Tag, BlackkKlansman, Happy Deathday, The First Purge, and Pitch Perfect 3 (there might be more, but I honestly can't remember).

I'm excited to see what my first day will bring here in Dubai. It's currently 4am as I'm writing this (I should not have slept as much as I did on the plane). I will write again later tonight, after I'm done with the day and finished my workout. Yes, I'm still a Beachbody Coach and yes I will be working out here in Dubai! No excuses for this girl!

Talk to y'all later!

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