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Stunning Resorts in Dubai

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

I want to start this post telling all of my readers to go follow my personal Instagram account @healthyhappyfaithful on Instagram to see my daily adventures through videos and pictures! Even if you've read this late, I have made a highlight reel of my time here in Dubai, so go ahead and watch the play by play on there! Anyways, for my friends and family that like to read what I did with my day, this post is for you all. Without y'all, I wouldn't be able to be here in this beautiful city and I am truly blessed for all those who have reached out to me to ask about my trip and wish me safe travels! You all is who I do this for, love ya!


Today was a full day of tours at two different hotels. We first visited the Madinat Jumeriah, which is a resort. Guys, I don't even have words to describe how beautiful this place is. It's like it's own little city. It's probably as big as Lone Tree (yeah, the town I grew up in). It's got it's own souk (market) and it's own cart and boat transportation. It's literally the most extravagant, crazy huge, and beautiful resort I have EVER seen in my life. They have celebrities stay with them, including Tom Cruise and George Clooney. They told us that there was a famous American staying with them right now, but couldn't tell us who it was. We were all hoping it was Beyoncé. We had a private tour of all three different hotels within the resort. It was very eye opening to learn about the in's and out's of how a resort as big as this one is run. Our tour guides were super friendly--- one was from Ireland, another was from California, and the last one was from South Africa. It's super cool to see the different nationalities within Dubai represented everyday.


Our second tour was at Five Hotels. This was a very modern, sleek hotel specifically targeting the young adult crowd. The cool thing about this hotel is that it is located on the palm in Jumeirah, which is an artificial archipelago in the shape of a palm tree. It is made entirely of sand and rocks, no steel or concrete. We were led to the top floor to listen to the GM (General Manager) speak about Five Hotels' values and company in general. We were told that they catered to the 20-35 year old crowd with exciting night life and a louder atmosphere. They have a lot of influencers and bloggers stay at their hotel. The number one thing I've noticed with all the hotels and resorts we have visited is that they bend over backwards to make you (the guest) happy. I know that shouldn't be surprising, since that's literally the purpose of the hospitality industry, but it's something I don't see a lot of in the U.S. It's refreshing to see that done very well in Dubai. Then they gave us a tour of the hotel which was extravagant and beautiful in it's own way. It had a beautiful view of the beach and the city skyline. They also had a DJ/dance floor on the roof, which was already set up for an event. It was super cool to see how they utilized the space with different kinds of furniture, tables, and dance floor space. Going back to the ground floor, we saw the pools and lounge area outside on the property. Walking through the place, I can see how they cater to the younger crowd. They have music playing loudly through the speakers with plenty of lounging places next to the pool with easy access to the bar. My brother Lucas would totally LOVE this hotel, while my mom would probably despise it, but to each their own.


It's amazing how much I am learning from this trip. The best part is that I'm having fun while doing it. I am so grateful for God leading me through this journey and giving me this opportunity. Everyday I am reminded of his grace and beauty he grants this world. I have learned a lot of traveling skills that I know I can apply to my spring semester in Scotland. I think God knew exactly what I needed to prepare myself for Scotland. It's funny how God works like that, isn't it? Until tomorrow, enjoy these pictures from the day!

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